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Welcome to the home of the Slippery Rock Campground Association (SRCA). SRCA is a member-owned campground located off I-79 just four miles west of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Since 1985, this campground has been the summer home for over 1,000 families.

Along with the relaxed atmosphere of family camping, our campground boasts of a variety of facilities including a recreational center, outdoor heated pool, tennis courts, miniature golf, fishing ponds, horseshoes, camp store and outdoor playing fields. A continuous schedule of activities is planned to accommodate all ages.

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At the July 12, 2020 Board meeting the following Rules and Policies were approved:
New Rule 6(n) Maintain a two foot right of way at front of lot, no permanent structures, fences, paved driveways or shrubbery. Park will not be held liable for replacement in the event of maintenance.
Amended Rule 7(a) to add the placement of the shed. Now reads: No permanent structure of any kind shall be built on a lot with the exception of one (1) storage shed (used for storage only) to be placed on the left side rear of site ensuring shed is a minimum of 12 inches from left side property line and be no larger than 8 feet (L) x 10 feet (W) x 10 feet (H). The height shall not exceed 10 feet as measured from the floor to the bottom surface of the roof at its highest point.
Amended Rule 7(k) to allow commercially manufactured screen enclosures. Now reads: Aluminum screen enclosure must be commercially manufactured and installed. Applications for building permits for a screen enclosure must be accompanied by vendor specifications and a drawing of the planned design......... *** Please see Rules and Policies dated 7/12/20 for complete specifications and details. A Permit is required and a signed statement.
Amended Rule 8(m) to change to the last sentence from Strongly Recommend a Flag to a Safety Flag is Required. Now reads: Riding toys must be commercially manufactured, factory equipped and if powered, use electric (battery) power only........ Riders up to the age of 12 must wear a safety helmet and display their lot number on the helmet and riding toy. A SAFETY FLAG IS REQUIRED
Events and gatherings must adhere to these gathering limitations:
Indoor events and gatherings of more than 25 persons are prohibited.
Outdoor events and gatherings of more than 250 persons are prohibited.
The maximum occupancy limit includes staff.
If you are in camp on any of these dates and times, please stop in, everyone is welcome. Committee meetings are a good way to find out what is going on in the campground and stay informed.
With the 'green phase' guidelines in place, wear a mask when you are in areas that are marked 'Mask Required'. Social Distancing is still required.

Ways and Means committee meeting on Saturday, Aug 1 at 10 AM in the Rec Hall
Permit Committee on Saturday, August 15 at 10 AM in the Rec Hall
Safety Committee meeting on Saturday, Aug 15 at 12 PM in the Rec Hall
The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for August 9, 2020 at 1 PM in the Rec Hall. All the 2019-2020 Regular Board meetings are on the calendar.
The candidates running for a seat on the Board of Directors are:
Section A - Renee Curry (A220) and Nelson White (A289/290)
Section B - Bruce Brown (B273)
Section C - Tom Keating (C172)
Section D -Woody Grimm (D070)
You will be receiving the Election packet to vote for a Director and the Budget the week of August 8th.
At the July 12th Board meeting, the Board approved the budget with no increase to our annual membership dues.
The Special Projects committee has been hard at work around the campground doing various projects such as painting and weeding, etc. but there's more to be done.
If you have some time on any Saturday morning and would like to join, we meet at 9 AM. We sure would appreciate the help - in fact, bring a friend or two!!
The Pool hours are 11 AM to 8 PM. No chairs or tables will be provided - you may bring your own.
Children should not be sharing pool toys. If any items are left at the pool, they will be thrown away.
Rafts or adult-sized floating devices are not permitted, but your own pool noodles are okay.
Maintain social distancing from pool employees.
We ask you not to invite guest at this time-only you and your family. If it gets too crowded, the pool will be closed and it is not fair to other members.
If you or your family display symptoms of Covid 19 (fever, coughing and shortness of breath), please do not attend any events including the pool. You can find more information on the back of the Weekly Schedule handout. As of July 1, Gov Wolf made it mandatory to wear a mask in public places. Please adhere to the following guidelines: Use a mask when you are in areas that are marked 'Mask Required'. Social Distancing is still expected.

All Bath houses are open and will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
All laundry rooms are open and will be cleaned daily but as a member, please wipe down before and after use.
Rec Hall events are back on at 75% occupancy. Masks are to be worn inside as long as it is a CDC recommendation.
Mini golf and the arcade are not open due to ongoing maintenance work.
All other recreation areas -basketball, volleyball, tennis, gaga and bocci-are open and available for use.
Due to the economic impact of COVID-19, on April 19, 2020, the Board of Directors approved a 30-day extension to the due dates for the next two Sewage Line Assessment payments. The deadline for the July 31 payment of $420.00 was extended to August 31 and the final payment of December 31, 2020 was extended to January 31, 2021.
This motion was approved to help those that are suffering the impact of the coronavirus either due to the illness or the effects of losing an income. But we ask if you are able to make the payment on the original schedule to please do so. The extension of 30 days will help those in need.
If you have any questions about your balance, please give the office a call at 724-738-0402.
- It is the Campground's responsibility to bring the sewage standpipe up in every members lot. As a courtesy the Board has chosen to hook everyone's trailer up to the new standpipe. We have run into situations where that pipe cannot be hooked-up 100% correctly due to the direction and the elevation of some of the campers in the campground. When this problem occurs the contractor is not allowed to alter the plumbing on an individuals trailer. It will be the owner's responsibility to correct the situation if they choose to. In that case, the plumbing contractor will attach the new lines the best way possible to the new standpipe. These members will be notified so they can inspect and decide if they want to change or leave that plumbing the way that it was connected by the contractor.

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